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Quests are similar to Minecraft's Advancements, but they're more specialised for mods within Galactica.

As of version 1.11, there are currently 4 quests, Reaching the Stars, Life on Mars, My First Reactor, and Magical Energy.

Reaching the Stars[edit | edit source]

Galactica "Reaching the Stars" Quest (As of v1.11)

We recommend completing the 'Life on Mars' quest before you launch your rocket. You'll probably die without it!

This quest focuses on getting ready to launch your first rocket, you'll have to create machines and craft items to help you along the way.

Get ready to fly!

Galactica "Life on Mars" Quest (As of v1.11)

Life on Mars[edit | edit source]

You'll need to complete the 'Reaching the Stars' quest to actually get to space. These machines will be pretty useless otherwise...

Going to outer space is harsh and difficult to achieve. This quest will get you ready for survival where air is no more. Build machines and tools to help get oxygen, food, and materials to space.

This quest will give you a basic setup for space survival. We recommend you build on this and create more advanced tech later in the game.

My First Reactor[edit | edit source]

Galactica "My First Reactor" Quest (As of v1.11)

We're planning to create more quests with other power sources soon.

This quest follows the process of creating your first reactor using the Extreme Reactors mod. It's a simple quest that gives you the building blocks for creating your first reactor.

Extreme Reactors give you a lot of RF energy, they're relatively cheap to create a small 3x3x3 reactor, and a great power source to get you started.

Galactica "Magical Energy" Quest (As of v1.11)

Magical Energy[edit | edit source]

Magical Energy gets you ready to collect energy to turn into items.

There's a few different pathways you can take with this quest, the pathway starting with the dust will end with you having an Energy Condenser Mk II. This pathway is also required if you're taking the final pathway, to get an Energy Collector Mk II and Mk III.

The middle pathway is required for both other pathways, but also gives you the option to create a Transmutation Tablet, a nice tool for converting blocks into energy and back.