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About Galactica[edit | edit source]

Galactica is a modpack for Minecraft 1.12.2 that brings together your favourite mods from Tekkit and other TechnicPack modpacks and throws them into the modern era, with an up-to-date collection there's hours of fun. We've even got a free to use, built-in multiplayer server so you can play with your friends in a safe, lag free environment without having to pay for hosting.

Galactica has three main components: Space, Tech and Magic.[edit | edit source]

With Space, you can travel to the moon, mars and even make a space station (plus more!) using Galacticraft's rockets to explore the rugged landscape and setup a base on the planet. Watch out for the tunnels though, you'll never know what you might find.

With Tech you can create the factory of your dreams using BuildCraft, IndustrialCraft, ProjectRed and more. Mine out the landscape and pump blocks through an endless network of pipes and machines to become rich, rich, rich! Pump oil to turn into fuel for your rockets, program robots and screens. It's all possible with Galactica's tech.

Finally, with wizardry (or witchcraft) you can create magical structures, make magical flowers and devices using Mana and harness the power of the earth.

Alongside this, why not decorate your base to fit the theme you like? With Chisels and Bits you can create intricate designs 16x more detailed than in standard Minecraft. Not looking to be that detailed but still wanna look nice? BiblioCraft adds loads of decoration blocks such as custom lights and bookshelves.

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